Partnering with us will help you in finding new opportunities, expand your offerings, enhance your customer base, and help increase in revenue.

Our partners are core to the success of our business and growth across regions. Offering a range of products and solutions in technology, services and consumer durables, we engage and nurture a varied set of partners & Resellers and help them to explore new opportunities.

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Partnering Benefits with DTPL

  1. Marketing Support : We support various marketing programs and campaign kits to reach your customer base with the right value proposition. Partners receive regular product and technology updates via e-newsletters or printed publications.
  2. Lead Support : Partners gets free access of our marketing platform to showcase their products/ services & gets sales Leads.
  3.  Finance : Various financing options are offered to Partners based on their history to help them to nurture & explore their business opportunities.
  4. Training : Partners will be provided trainings on different products/ technologies online or offline.
  5. Dedicated support manager : A dedicated support manager will work closely with the partners to help build solutions for your customers.
  6. Partner Incentives : Regular incentive schemes offered to partners to enhance profit margin.


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